Steele County 

Job Development Authority



Job Development Authority

The Steele County Job Development Authority is committed to the growth and development of the communities within Steele County. The JDA provides technical and professional services to assist in improving community infrastructure and entrepreneurial growth. The Steele County Economic Development Coordinator, Karen Bergstrom, can be a liaison to provide assistance to individuals, organizations, and businesses through business planning and development, community development and marketing, and workforce development.

Through proactive leadership, we have established a 169.5-megawatt wind farm in Steele and Griggs counties, developed industrial parks in the communities of Hope and Finley, recruited businesses for the industrial parks, and provided assistance to numerous local businesses. 

Steele County Job Development Authority - Funding Application

Steele County Job Development Authority - Storefront Grant Application

Steele County Job Development Authority Board Members:

Keith Ihry - Chairman 
PO Box 52
Hope, ND 58046
Email: Keith Ihry
Phone: 701-789-0315

Larry Amundson - Vice Chairman 
204 4th Street 
Finley, ND 58230
Email: Larry Amundson 
Phone: 701-789-0036

Holly Stromsodt -Secretary/Treasurer
PO Box 255 
Finley, ND 58230
Email: Holly Stromsodt
Phone: 701-789-1292

Keith Jacobsen
PO Box 26
Hope, ND 58046
Email: Keith Jacobson 

Mike Satrom
14016  11th Street SE
Galesburg, ND 58064
Email: Mike Satrom 
Phone: 701-367-1828
Perry Ostmo
1272 122nd Avenue NE
Sharon, ND 58277
Email: Perry Ostmo
Phone: 701-789-0922

Larry Jacobsen
1028 124th Avenue SE
Luverne, ND 58056
Email: Larry Jacobsen
Phone: 701-789-1428

Scott Sayer
PO Box 255
Finley, ND 58230
Email: Scott Sayer
Phone: 701-789-1289 

Russell Walcker
301 Dwight Avenue 
Finley, ND 58230
Email: Russell Walcker 
Phone: 701-371-8889

Ted Johnson
13379 11th Street SE
Hope, ND 58046
Email: Ted Johnson
Phone: 70-371-0774

Pat Brown
PO Box 189
Hope, ND 58046
Email: Pat Brown
Phone: 701-371-1184

If you would like more information about Steele County and the incentives that are offered to businesses here, please contact the Economic Development Coordinator, Karen Bergstrom, at the information below. 


Steele County JDA contact information:

Karen Bergstrom
Steele County Economic Development Coordinator
P.O. Box 451
Finley, ND 58230