Steele County, North Dakota

Steele County is full of many opportunities. We invite you to come to visit and live in our County. 

Visit our city websites for more information: Both sites now have a community calendar to keep you updated with events happening.

Welcome to Steele County!


Steele County is located between Traill and Griggs counties in Eastern North Dakota. We are centrally located within 75 miles of Fargo, Grand Forks, Devils Lake, and Valley City.

A great place to work and raise a family, Steele County offers a rural lifestyle with an excellent school district, job opportunities, and affordable housing. Although a predominantly agricultural community, we also facilitate economic growth through entrepreneurship. Many incentives are offered to promote growth in the communities and welcome new residents and businesses. Welcome to Steele County!

Road Restrictions 

Road Weight Restrictions pdf

Agassiz Valley
Social Services District

Steele and Traill County Social Services have joined together, to work as one, and are now called
Agassiz Valley Social Services District

Please go to for more information. 

Contact Information: 

Agassiz Valley Social Services District

Steele and Traill County Offices

PO Box 190

Hillsboro, ND  58045

701 636-5220

Toll-free:  888 293-2298
701 524-1103 (Finley office fax)

County Seal

Click the link to download pdf


There are 3,069 counties across the United States.
That's a lot! Each county has a unique seal.
You might see it in the courthouse, waving on
the county flag, or stamped on important documents.
The seal is a symbol. When you see it, it means
whatever you're looking at is a part of your county's
government. Special colors and pictures
decorate the seal to show what's unique or important
to your county. Some county seals even have
a saying written on them. the say is called a motto.

Steele County currently does not have a County Seal!
We would like you to create one for us! 

Please return to:
Steele County Auditor's Office
Po Box 275
Finley, ND 58230




Steele County GIS Link

The North Dakota Department of Emergency Services is changing its website. All Fire Declarations, Burn Bans, and the Fire Danger Awareness Index can be found on the ND Response website:


Property Appraisal Information - Vanguard Update:

Vanguard reps are done with the residential data collection at this time. (December 21, 2017) They will return back in the Spring of 2018 to start on Commercial property data collection and finish up the last few Residential property stragglers. BUT, as of now, they are done with their data collection for a couple of months. The basic timeline is as follows:

  • Spring of 2018: Commercial/Industrial/Grain Elevators will have data collectors come out and ask to see the property/tour the property/do data collections


  • Early Fall of 2018: Review teams come out and go over each parcel of property (will review from the road, will not be asking for entry into properties) to do their quality assurance/control


  • Feb 1, 2019: valuations will be available for review for residents, township boards of equalization, etc

Please contact Ben Gates at 701-270-1738 with any questions. 

Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan 2017

Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan - PDF Zipped Link

(Click Image to download full document)


Steele County Building Permit Ordinance Information

The Steele County Commissioners voted to formally adopt the
Steele County Building Permit Ordinance and Regulations February 2017. A copy of the documents can be obtained by contacting any of the Township Clerks/Treas., the Steele County Tax Director’s Office, or download documents by clicking on the pdf links listed below.

Please direct your questions to Steele County Tax Director, Ben Gates.
Office: 701-524-2442.
Click links below to download PDF documents: